Healing Art; Illuminating Layers of Light & Love 

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“Release the petals of your past self. Bloom.”

~Unknown Author

Hi! I’m Tonya

I am an experienced and educated multi-media artist currently residing in Castle Rock, Colorado. My works have been shown in many venues, galleries, and client’s homes all around the world. I joyfully create healing art that illuminates layers of light & love.

I am passionate about many things!

• Painting

• Jewelry

• Photography

• Philanthropy

• Eco-Friendly Candles

• Woodworking

Happy Clients!



“I recently bought two amazing pieces of work from Tonya with Lavender And Lotus Co. Her work is by far some of the most amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art you may ever see. No two pieces of art will ever be perfectly alike. They’re so beautiful, high-quality, just so well done. She always puts something special into each piece. Beautiful and amazing artwork.”
-Dr. Skylar Bakko

“The first word that came to mind when I got my commissioned wall hanging was…
No. Freaking. Way. Tonya not only got my vision, but she also amped it up with the mindful layering of color, gemstones, and love. She is a mindful, heartfelt artist that listens to what you need, envisions what it might be and asks all the right questions along the way. The amount of time and creativity she puts into each piece is well worth the price. This piece is in our entryway, right as you walk into the yoga studio. And every soul that sees it for the first time asks…where did you get that? It’s beautiful. It’s perfect…and I’m honored to have this piece in our studio home.”
-Brooke Page-Thompson, Owner Buka Yoga LLC

“I have 3 amazing pieces that Tonya has created. She has put so much love and attention in these pieces all the way down to the beautiful box and lavender seed card that came with my commissioned art. I had an idea in mind along with some of my own crystals that she took and made that idea come to life. The depth that I can see in that piece inspires a meditative space and will be a joy to have in my home. In addition, my bracelet adds energy to me as I wear it. I love these pieces and will enjoy them for years to come! Blessings to you.


Tonya’s artwork speaks to my physical body and my spirit, transporting me from earth to the etheric world.  Each brush stroke generates a magic portal to wherever I need to go.  The mixed media materials Tonya uses convey beauty, power, and softness.  The piece that Tonya created for me reminds me daily of who I truly am and who I am becoming.  It’s a gift to have her artwork hanging in my home!
-Paige Farrington Priestess

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