About Me

Hi! I’m Tonya


My process

I work with an eco-friendly resin medium, along with earth elements, geodes, minerals, and semi-precious stones, to create light, healing, movement, and connection. In addition, I have worked with several other mediums over the years. Some of the other art practices I enjoy include drawing, graphite portrait drawing, jewelry design, murals, clay sculpting, pottery, cartooning, and photography.

My original resin paintings start out with a sustainable Birchwood substrate. I apply an underpainting with several layers of pigment ink and Acrylic paint. Next, I pour the first layer of resin. Each layer of resin takes 48 hours to cure. There are several layers of resin on my paintings; each layer infused with love, intention, and silky smooth paint. The earth elements and Semi-precious stones are carefully selected and placed methodically in between certain layers to form a depth of feeling, texture, and growth.

Most of my creations take approximately 50+ hours to complete, from start to finish.

In addition, I build custom frames for each piece.


As a self-taught carpenter, I create eco-friendly furniture and home decor. Sustainable Live edge, Beetle kill Pinewood tables and mirrors infused with resin art and semi-precious stones, are some of my favorite woodworking projects to complete. The earthy smell of the wood and the sparkle of the stones always take me to a place of joy and bliss.

The semi-precious stones I use are all Grade A and Grade B stones.

I incorporate Agate, Moss Agate, Amethyst, Flowering Amethyst, Amazonite, Carnelian, Calcite, Citrine, Chrysocolla, Jade, Jasper, Peridot, Pyrite, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Brazilian Geodes, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Rhyolite, Sodalite, Tiger Eye, and many, many more, gorgeous semi-precious stones.

I celebrate the connection with the natural world and her “earthworks.”

My primary focuses are bringing an element of healing energy and into your space. I thrive on seeking to show the importance of our interconnectedness to nature and the universe. I adore bringing nature indoors and raising the vibration of your sacred space.

In addition, I am an avid promoter of eco-friendly entrepreneurism and raising consciousness throughout my designs and practices.

My inspiration

I draw inspiration from nature and the vast universe. Nature provides me stillness and inner peace. I feel that nature is constantly communicating with every one of us. Nature is talking and sending us messages that we need to pay attention to. Nature is always changing, and I embrace change.

Some of my designs come to me vividly, in the form of dreams. I keep a dream book by my bedside. As the visions come in, my ideas and thoughts are written in my special book. My true voice is spoken throughout my creations.

Universal messages come intuitively to me, allowing my creative side to evolve. I also find inspiration in my daily meditation / prayer practice.

Those little things that you alone see aren’t by chance. The sign, the squirrel, the dragonfly, the whisper, the song, the lily. It’s me. I’m always with you. I’ll do anything to reach you — to give you hope, keep you on track, answer your questions. Look even closer.
-The Universe 

Eco-friendly practices

Art is a great contribution to the world. However, sometimes the process of making art can end up hurting, more than it helps.

Also, just because it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t mean the quality has to be compromised. There are so many wonderful eco-friendly products on the market today, that are safe for us. This is why eco-friendly entrepreneurism and quality is so important to me.

Not only do I strive to reduce my carbon footprint, but I also strive to create elegant and high-quality art in an eco-friendly fashion. I care deeply about the health of all beings.

All of my practices are eco-friendly.

For example, I have business cards and tags that are plantable in the garden. My business cards / tags are a lovely gift that will enhance your garden with Organic Lavender. A gift that comes back every year, for all to enjoy.

All of the products I use including glues, resin, stains, wood substrates, paints, metals, earth elements, and semi-precious stones are sustainable, VOC free, non-toxic, safe around pets, kids, safe for the earth, fume-free and chemical-free. A lot of my products are plant-based. In addition, my packaging is either biodegradable and/or made of recycled material. I even have paper ribbon that is plant-based and biodegradable. The list of fabulous eco-friendly products I use is expansive.

Hobbies & interests

When I am not creating, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs, two cats, and my 27-year-old turtle. I also love hiking, camping, competition archery (no hunting), writing, biking, organic gardening, meditating, reading, cooking, QiGong, Yoga, horseback riding, photography, animal rescue, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and the list goes on and on…

In conclusion

I look forward to connecting with you and collaborating a spectacular artistic vision to completion, with you!

Join me on my eco-friendly mission, creations, visions and vibrations to raise consciousness in our spaces, places, and world.

My Family / Employees

My story

Born and raised in Colorado, my passion, mission and profession is to create mixed media art that has a message of healing, light, peace and love. After healing from severe illness that was disabling for seven years, the loss of my mom, two broken legs, and many traumas along the way, I broke through to my truest self. From chaos to creation, I birthed my beautiful creations to share with the world. We have the ability to heal and raise up to our truest and most energetic vibration.

My belief is What we surround ourselves with, becomes a working part of our subconscious mind and energy body. Bringing beautiful pieces of art into our sacred space will evoke feelings of healing, calm and peace. Imagine the calm and peace allowing us to Love ourselves, each other, our earth, and our sacred space. We break through our barriers, heal, share our stories and protect Mother Earth, all through Color, love, light and creativity.

My creations of mixed media art uses eco-friendly materials, earth elements, reclaimed wood, color, paint, gemstones, wax, steel, and have many layers of light and love.

See the light, be the light, spread the light.