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Organic Crystal Candles
See the Light, Be the Light, Spread the Light

Our mission is to spread the light, love, peace and joy, with every candle we handcraft. Each candle is hand poured and created in our studio located in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado.

Each candle is uniquely crafted into mini works of art and inspired by nature in its most beautiful form. There are no two candles alike.

We use Organic Apricot and Coconut wax blend, sustainable wooden wicks and botanical scents derived from essential oils and extracts. Each botanical scent is delicate and soft for everyone to enjoy. Our candles are 100% organic, carcinogen free, phthalate free, cruelty free, 100% vegan, non-toxic, burn clean, petroleum free, soy free and HANDMADE WITH LOVE for you and our planet.

Each candle vessel is adorned with handmade Paper sourced from artisans and indigenous peoples from all over the world. A beautiful Crystal and a flower bouquet sit beautifully on top. Mini crystals and organic flowers and herbs are infused into our wax for additional love and beauty.

Our candle vessels are keepsakes after they are burned, or you can bring them into the store and have them refilled.

From the crackling of our wicks and delicate scents,
each one of our candles will leave you with a beautiful and relaxing experience.

Enjoy & Spread The Light!

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Weight 9 oz
Essential Oil Scent

Apple & Cinnamon, Berry Fir, Cedar Wood & Neroli, ChocoLove, Lavender & Sage, Lavender & Ylang, Lilac & Lemon, Maple Chai, Pear Honey, Plum Amber, Pumpkin Persimmon, Roasted Chestnuts & Rum, Sandalwood Floral, Vanilla, Shea, & Citrus


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7oz organic wooden wick candle

Metal tin

Crystals embedded in the wax

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Lightly scented